Bridging the Digital Divide for Cities Parks & Rural Communities
Telemedicine & Rural Broadband
Bridging the Digital Divide for Cities Parks & Rural Communities
Work At Home & Distance Learning
Bridging the Digital Divide for Cities Parks & Rural Communities
Bridging the Digital Divide for Cities Parks & Rural Communities

Creative Solution brought to you by
WiFi in the Park LLC & Viasat

Enterprise • Military • Government

WiFi in the Park™ is on a mission to serve the unserved and underserved by partnering with ViaSat – operator of the world’s highest capacity satellite – to provide fast, reliable and ubiquitous internet coverage virtually anywhere, coupled with fully managed WiFi-as-a-Service solutions for parks, businesses,schools and citizens in rural communities across America. Our teaming partner, ViaSat, is well versed in WiFi, wireless and ISP networks, military operations & communication requirements.

WiFi in the Park™ helps promote commerce, economic development, public safety and better connectivity to every person, every building and every device by delivering complete enterprise turnkey solutions that include the ISP, the WiFi equipment, fully managed 24/7 access by park or city employees, corporate devices and guest WiFi.

WiFi in the Park™ is a NEW nationwide network of custom designed by location, high speed managed WiFi solutions in parks and rural locations, delivered as a service, that enables cloud applications and e-commerce with data plans and network access ubiquitously across all WiFi in the Park managed locations. WiFi in the Park is the perfect solution for local, state, and federal governments desiring to easily provide well built, reliable, smartly managed, and well serviced WiFi Access Point (APs) solutions with a common login and centrally managed services across large groups of interconnected parks and recreational spaces for economic development, better connectivity and improved public safety.

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Managed WiFi & Internet Service Provider (ISP) Solutions Almost Anywhere in the USA!

  • Global Satellite Internet Services
  • Microwave & Narrow Band Networks
  • Mesh & Distributed Antenna Systems
  • HD Video Security Camera Options
  • Motion Activation & Lighting Options
  • Solar Power Options
  • Supports Multiple Users
  • Custom Splash & Login Page
  • Fee or Free User WiFi
  • Internal & 3rd Party Advertising
  • Revenue Share Opportunities
  • Offered “As a Service”

ISP and Managed WiFi for Large Enterprise,
Military & Government

Custom Solutions Available

New Sources of Revenue
  • E-commerce & online gift stores
  • Pay per use & per view services
  • Demand based campsite pricing
  • Advertising

Operational Time & Cost Efficiency

  • Park fee payments
  • Campsite reservations
  • Park operations software


  • Routine issue reporting
  • Emergency response reporting
  • Information & content delivery
  • Satellite phones for enforcement rangers, search & rescue

Security, Surveillance & Protection

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras included at no additional cost


  • Guided tours & maps
  • Pictorials, audios & videos
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

Enterprise Services

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Cloud storage
  • Central file servers
  • Virtual applications

Offered By:

WiFi in the Park™ - Provider Partners:

  • Operates World’s Highest Capacity Satellites
  • Manages 15+ Million Wireless Access Points
  • ISP Provider to Air Force One & Executive Fleet
  • Manages WiFi on all US naval bases
  • Streams video to multiple airlines
  • Nationwide WiFi Management – Top 3 cable companies

Offered By:

The Blue StoreTM (TBS) is a telecommunications consulting company with 37 years’ experience in:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Voice & Data Solutions
  • Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Engineering
  • Network Architecture
  • System Design
  • Savings & Revenue

TBS is entrepreneurial, independent and creates novel, uniquely branded and creatively marketed network infrastructure solutions that are in demand. WiFi in the ParkTM is such a solution, leveraging partners such as ViaSat that deliver nationwide managed ISP & WiFi connectivity and fully managed turnkey WiFi and cloud solutions.

TBS is the creative, technical & business force behind these:

  • Unique Brands
  • Advanced Network Architectures
  • Special Business Relationships
  • Visionary Opportunities

WiFi in the ParkTM is a unified network of individually customized, centrally managed, ubiquitous, interconnected managed WiFi solutions for every park, rural, underserved and unserved part of America; plus ISP and managed WiFi for large enterprise, military & government.