COVID19 WiFi Hotspots

Our goal has always been the same as yours – to solve America’s connectivity challenges today! Viasat can do much more than that, and in these difficult times, more is needed.

Work-at-Home, Distance Learning, Telemedicine Rural Broadband & Emergency Connectivity

As a result of COVID 19, the traditional terrestrial Internet companies are seeing a huge strain on resources as everyone shifts to a work at home and learn at home environment, which is much more difficult in predominantly rural states. COVID-19 calls for new large-scale measures and new bold solutions from state governments, for not only their own agencies and workforce, but also for their constituents.

Our satellite broadband service covers the entire country, available anywhere customers need it, and can be installed in a matter of days in most areas. With our service, there is No trenching or construction necessary, typically No special permitting or other right-of-way licensing, and can be installed precisely where customers need it (not a mile down the road where other service providers follow the right of way). For those businesses and government agencies that already have internet from another provider and want to ensure they have a back-up service for when theirs goes down, we offer that too. And we have temporary, nomadic internet solutions which can be mobilized to provide immediate high-speed internet for first responders, healthcare staging areas and of course remote locations.


Viasat (NYSE: VSAT) is a 33-year old company with a multi billion-dollar market cap, more than 5,000 global employees and a portfolio of game changing solutions for rural America. Viasat is dedicated to cutting edge military wireless and worldwide network management and the civilian uses of these advanced technologies–which is the mission of WiFi in the Park to bring you and many civilian agencies this game-changing information. Viasat is a worldwide network MSP capable with relative ease of managing a large network, should one be desired.

We are the only carrier that can claim having ubiquitous broadband coverage across the country. More importantly, we have the experience to truly connect rural America. As a key player supporting national initiatives such as the FCC’s Connected America Fund (CAF) and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA), and as an underlying satellite provider for various FirstNet partners, we’re not a company that makes empty promises to rural America, we’re focused, heavily engaged and making a difference!

How VIASAT Can Help

Viasat would be open to exploring a subsidized or lower-cost internet solution for students, potentially coupled with free access in Viasat’s public Wi-Fi locations in State Parks, community Wi-Fi locations and hotspots serving small businesses. Viasat can deliver broadband service to virtually any home or business within a matter of days (not weeks or months). And there’s no trenching, permitting or other construction needed.

Viasat managed the WiFi across your entire spectrum, as this would simplify your network administration and provide a seamless single login that works automatically across all locations, same as we do in State Parks and all the Navy bases, with a 24×7 call-in center to resolve all login issues. This is Viasat in-house developed WiFi management software called Trackos, and their US based teams that currently manage over 16 million networks. This would not replace your WiFi but augment your WiFI and network departments’ capabilities dramatically. Viasat can also connect Internet to anything mobile anywhere, such as emergency vehicles.

Viasat can develop and implement a Disaster Recovery using satellite to restore telecommunications services in the event of a widespread terrestrial carrier outage. This would ensure a solid contingency plan in place for government agency voice and data connectivity not dependent on fiber or copper lines from terrestrial ISPs. For many years, we have supported first responders and our military with quickly restoring broadband, either in response to a natural disaster or with staging our service prior to one that is imminent (i.e. hurricanes). In such cases historically, satellite broadband has been the only means available for quick restoral of critical voice and data services.

What Has VIASAT Done Already?

In response to this pandemic, on Monday, Viasat announced our commitment to the FCC’s “Keep Americans Connected Initiative”, agreeing to maintain our internet services for those who may struggle to pay during this difficult time, and to do our part to connect the unconnected. As part of that commitment, we converted all our public Wi-Fi networks in Nevada, which normally requires users to purchase a day pass for access, to instead giving everyone 1-hour of free Wi-Fi per day. This includes those Wi-Fi networks in 9 Nevada State Parks (some of which have poor to no cell coverage), and other community Wi-Fi locations and business hotspots across Nevada. This allows people in public places to get online, who don’t currently have access to high-speed internet at home, including students, remote-workers and travelers. And because of the recent school closures, we extended that offering to allow Nevada State Park Rangers’ families to have unlimited Wi-Fi for homework & essentials.

As we’ve exclaimed on several occasions, Viasat is the kind of company that stands behind their slogan – “Internet. Anywhere”, and they are working hard to truly bring high-speed internet to all rural residences, businesses, schools and government offices.